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tv   National Action Network March Speaking Portion  CSPAN  August 29, 2017 5:34pm-7:33pm EDT

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vance. national book festival starting 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span 2 book tv. >> book tv visited capitol hill to ask members of congress what they're reading this summer. >> congressman what you reading request of why it's life and times of robert kennedy. robert kennedy was a new york senator. i am a representative from new york. he wrote incredible book about bobby kennedy's life, political life, the history of his family and it's certainly enjoyable read. >> book tv wants to know what you're reading. sends your summer reading list via twitter @book tv or instagram @book under score tv. or post it to facebook page. book tv on c-span 2. television for serious readers. >> yesterday reverend al shopperton founder and president of the national action network
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led a march for justice. commemorating 54th anniversary of martin luther king jr.'s march on washington. speakers talked about race issues and the recent violence in charlottesville. this is two hours. >> praises the lord. >> no justice, no peace. what do we want? >> justice >> when do we want it? >> now! >> without further adieu, let us hear from our first speaker for the rally in front ofhe juicde is here now from jay david cox senior, the national president of afge.
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>> brothers and sisters i come to you today from the american federation of government employees. the people that said, government is good and government should stand for all of its citizens in an equal mannerism. brother and sisters, i come to you today with love. it's time to that we bring back love to this country. let's stop and think. hatred of the stranger, people who are different. people who come from somewhere else. speak another language. have different couples eat different food.
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who are we to turn away and
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ignore injustice in a nation with a constitution and a set of laws guaranteeing equal protection and a right to vote in this country brothers and sisters! who are we to refuse to care for this world and give stewardship that god expect of us. we must heed the voices of the prophet. we shall not turn away from our responsibilities brothers and sisters. brothers and sisters there is no room for hatred in this country. we cannot continue to tolerate hatred brothers and sisters. i will speak from my heart now. you hear this southern boy? you hear this southern voice. it's time to take those statues down! rights now brothers and sisters it's time to take them down!
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but, we the base so we have to tell our children that and our grandchildren what an evil wicked thing this country did. we will never go back. mr. trump, i tell you this, afge we'll open up on you. thank you brothers and sisters. >> i don't know if that's in the bible, but all right. next speaker is my big brother. he is the president of impact. which is a national organization of ministers engaged in economic and social justice and empowerment. he is the senior pastor of mount
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nemo baptist church in historic harlem, new york. senior pastor, johnny green. >> no justice! no justice! >> no peace. >> referred al sharpton president and founder of the national action network. civil rights leader of the 21st century. our drum major for justice and one who reminds us daily, where there's no justice, there's no peace. thousands of ministers rabbis and imams come together to say thank you for the 54th anniversary of the march on washington. we're here today for some of the same reasons those who have gone before us came here 54 years ago. we're here today because many of those who sit in the seat of power, the president, the
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republican congress and the republican senate, they have once again written us a bad check. the check written to millions of americans black, brown, jewish muslim and many others come back stamped with insufficient funds. we're here today at the department of justice to say that we refuse to issuing of another bad check. when you try to take away healthcare for more than 26 million americans. you're trying to issue us on bad check. when you cosign killings of people of color in the name of law and order, leave black body laying in the street and refuse to hear our cries of i can't breathe while choking us to death, you trying to issue us another bad check. when you take away food stamps
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from the poor and needy and you build airports, governor andrew cuomo with our tax dollars without giving contracts to blacks and minorities, you trying to issue us another bad check. we're here today to say hell no to your bad check writing! we're here today to serve notice to all the dream busters, both in washington bark at home in new york and across america. we're not going to let you turn dr. king's dream into a nightmare. the dream of dr. king still i dream today. we shall and we will overcome. we will overcome trumpism. we'll overcome racism, classism and sexism. we'll overcome gentrification of our system. we'll overcome devastation of our people caused by this new
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spirit of jim and jane crow. we'll turn your stumble block into steppingstone. we'll turn your midnight into midday. no weapons formed against us shall prosper. we'll endured. joy has come in the morning. let me remind all of us here today that above the crowd written the word and too shall pass away. let us remind all of us today that we should stand up and we should stand together. god bless you. another bad brother, big brother of mine from the city small city you may have heard in chicago illinois. let us hear from the president of the leadership action
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network, reverend marshall hatch. >> good afternoon. today our prayer are with the people in houston, texas and those victims in hurricane harvey. we pray for the success of that rescue and recovery. this crises reminds us once more demonstrates that we are all in this together. we may have come on dinner ships, the mayflower, slave ship immigration ship or across the rio grand. we are now all in this boat together. now is a time to lifted the voice of faith. someone has to calling. someone has to accept the assignment to halt our nation's dissent into the slippery slope
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of fascism and racism and tampa attack on our brothers. this is not a normal american government. somebody has to have the courage that little boy had in the nursery rhyme to remind the country that this emperor has no clothes. firing the attorney general to stop an investigation of foreign meddling into our election. this it not normal. pardoning sheriff convicted of con ten. court and racial profiling. this is not normal. press briefings from the white house untelevised and filled with misinformation, this is not normal. threaten nuclear war and rumor of war by a president by tweet is not normal. refusing to condemn racism and
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anti-semitism is not normal. somebody has to have the courage to stand up and say this emperor has no clothes. we're called as prophets. this scapegoating of those who are most vulnerable, reminds what was said that came for the muslims and i was not a muslim and i did not speak up. they came for the jews and i was not a jew, so i did not speak up. they came for the communist, i did not speak up. then when it came time to come for me, there was no one to speak up. now is a time to lift our voices for justice. brothers and sisters, we call on this step of the justice department for a new moral
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vision for america. everybody in and nobody out. when i grew up in public housing in chicago and went to the public school, we were taught to put our hands on our hearts and pledge allegiance of justice to all. now we say healthcare for all. the right to vote for all. freedom from police brutality for all. full employment for all. access to a high quality public education for all. we call for the dignity of all of god's children. everybody got a right to the tree of life. we challenge you with the challenge of the good shepard. who taught his disciples to go into the valleys and low places and gather those who have been
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scattered. like sheep that had no shepard. gather those who had been scattered that were diseased and were isolated and disconnected one from the other. go back home. go to the valleys. go to the barrios. go to the ghettos and feed the sheep and register them. we have heard from the voices of fascism. in 2018 we'll hear from the people. this is what america looks like. we shall overcome. >> in the spirit of dr. king the diversity that reverend al sharpton gathered here today continues now with one of our jewish temples. please welcome rabbi hannah goldstein of temple sinai. please welcome her warmly.
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>> i'm rabbi hannah goldstein here in washington d.c. my congregation is like many of your congregations. we will not stand idly by. this has a sacred season for jews. at the very end of this period of soul searching and introw expense, we sing words from psalm 118. we conclude our worship by crying out to god -- [indiscernible] open the gates of righteousness. we are here to open the gates. to open the gates of
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righteousness. the open the gates of justice. we are here because it doesn't look like our justice department is trying to do that. lately, it seems like our justice department is working overtime to close those gates and to barricade them shut. to lock the gates to the voting booths. to lock the gates of the private prisons after filling them to capacity. they want to lott gates to this to lock the gates to our hospitals and clinics. today i stand with my brothers and sisters, people of faith to say that when our justice department closes the gates together, we will push them back open. let me hear you say it open the gates. >> open the gates! if they punish sanctuary cities, we'll open wide the door of our
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sanctuaries who are vulnerable. open the gates. if they band transgender americans from defending the values of this country, we will defend our values by standing with them in solidarity. open the gates. if they're going to send tweets about the devastating destruction in texas, we're going to send food and diapers and people to help. open the gates. if they're going to build walls then we're just going to have to lift each other up higher. open the gates. if they want to teach hate, we are just going to have to love harder. open the gates. because of this, we are certain they are not truly the gatekeepers. they are not the ultimate gatekeeper. they can try to barricade those gates closed. we will walk tall and unafraid.
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we will keep marching right up to those gates. we will push on those gates. with our bodies, with our voices with our words and song and prayers. we will open the gates. arm in arm we'll open the gate and we'll walk through the gates into a land of righteousness. into a land of justice. into a land of love. together we will open the gates. >> rabbi hannah goldstein. of course, we hear on the anniversary of the march on washington. we know the organization dr. king founded correct? let's say it out loud. sclc. please welcome the president
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the reverend dr. charles steele. >> thank you so much. let the church say amen. i'm so happy to be here. little bit under the weather. but i made it anyhow. god is good. i want to thank reverend al sharpton for bringing us together. give him a big round of applause. i want to thank him. i want to thank martin luther king iii for being here. give him a big round of applause. he's always on the battlefield. in the position that i'm in, people always ask the question, charles, you all still marching? i was in mississippi three times in the last two months.
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in miss, that's where dr. king first in public. he serveed. he said ralph, now is the time to go to washington d.c. we are embarking upon poor people campaign, 2018. i asked the mayor and other leaders, in mississippi, i say 50 years ago roughly almost, dr. king was here. i want to ask you a question. has anything changed in 50 years? they say yes. but it changed for the worse. he said we're still poor. we don't have teachers to bring the education pross.
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we have no recreation facilities. as i thought about it, i said many of us think we have arrived in case you feel like that, you got -- you're not there yet. you got to get back on the bus. it was dr. king who said, hate can't drive out hate. he also said darkness can't drive out darkness. only light can do that. hello somebody. but he also said, i don't fool with no scared negroes. you can't be afraid in this type of stuff. you know we have to stay on the battlefield. let them come after me.
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you got to die anyhow. let me die for freedom and justice and equality for all god's children. as a matter of fact, i own a funeral home. let my funeral home bury me. i'll remised if i didn't say this. this is my last point. sclc is not going anywhere. we're here to stay. i'm going to say this and go to my step. i left atlanta this morning. it was a ceremony going on at 10:00. people are not going to tell how powerful you are at the civil rights movement. they think you don't need it
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anymore. ladies and gentlemen, let me give you some good news. three years ago sclc demanded to the government and legislature, to ereck a statue -- erect statue in state of georgia in atlanta of martin luther king jr. i'm here to tell you today at 10:00 this morning while it's here in d.c., the statue was erected for dr. martin luther king jr. in atlanta, georgia at the state capitol. i'm serving notice. we going to every state capitol in this country. we going to demand that erect the same type of statue.
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fire it up. fired up! aint going take it no more. >> reverend dr. charles steele. we're going to stay with the first name. charles here representing the michigan state chapter of national action network. please welcome the reverend dr. charles william as he comes. >> first of all let us give our credit and our congratulations to our president, reverend al sharpton. 5000 of us. we have dissended upon the
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department of justice. we are here for trayvon martin. this historic event has brought us here, pass doors i imams clergy, we are here for michael brown. we are here for philando castill. we are here to protect voting rights. we are here to let our president know we will not stand for racism. we will not stand for bigotry. we will stand together against you and where there is no justice, there will be no peace. thank you very much.
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>> we appreciate dr. williams. that's how you do it. joining us now the virginia baptist state convention president. the reverend dr. charles whitfield. please welcome him. >> brothers and sisters good afternoon. as we stand here today, the message of dr. martin luther king jr. is the strength on which we stand. which is something bigger than each and every one of us. i stand together representing the 650 churches of the virginia baptist state convention. can i suggest what we preach a jesus gospel. social justice is what jesus preached. proverbs 27:7 the righteous is concerned for the rights of the poor. but the wicked does not understand such concern.
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we stand here today because jew and gentile alike, jesus said i come for both of them. but the political pendulum has been swinging far too much away from those of color. the poor the disenfranchise and the down downtrodden. those who chose to remove the sheets. in charlottesville and in yourville have revealed a cancer that's been festering underneath skin and immorally metastasizing sizing and truth be told since election of barack obama. charlottesville is where it's happening and where we need to do. those of us who are here today we've got to preach truth to power. if the government chooses not to denounce the extremism and bigotry and the blatant hatred
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and murder in america let the preacher stand up in his or her voice. let the layperson stand up and prof sigh and preach truth to power and declare the love of jesus christ in the midst of hatred that's running rabid in this land. if you can help me say it and not just say it but do it when we leave here, speak truth to power! speak truth to power. speak truth to power! >> amen. please welcome now from the city of refuge, city of refugee. city of refuge united church of christ, bishop yvette -- please welcome her. >> can you shout with me
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hallelujah. we shall reveil. i'm a pentecostal. you have to look at your neighbor and say hello lia -- hallelujah. we shall not be moved. i have deep respect for the universal truth that is expressed in all religion. but spiritual and culture identity is i'm evolving pentecostal. i come from a teaching that says that when a dedicated group of believers come together with one aaccord, they're able to work through their divisions and dismantle their differences and diffuse the thing that separate them. god honors their ability and the holy ghost, that's what my folks called. the holy ghost will give
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thabilitiers the ability to peek in language that are foreign to them. speaking in tongues, vehicle to eradicate the barriers that divide the human family. speaking in tongue and empowering those believers to move across cultures and rels religions. i say it is time for a new pentecost. when we name the same bigotry that is forced on colored people to use separate bathrooms and that same bigotry is forced on transgender people, about their viability as human beings we need a new pentecost. we we decide that the ban on color people from serving in the military is the same bigotry which called for a ban on transgender men and women from serving and dying in the military i say we need a new
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pentecost. when we decide that emmitt till's murderers being set free is the same bigotry that inspires the foolish pardon of a sheriff who play atlantaly breaking the law. the two of the same sin, then we are ready for new pentecost. when we did that the fight for black lives matter includes black gay men and black lesbian women who blackness is not compromised by their sexual sexuality it is time for a new pentecost. when we decide to call religious freedom another name for bigotry when wearing our colors and talking to our megachurch audiences bigotry is bigotry. we will experience a new pentecost. when we decide that food justice
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and environmental concerns and women's rights and mass incarceration and lgbt dignity and saving our public schools and fair taxation and foreign policy and getting rid of militarizing of our police department. when we decide they are wrong, i declare to you, we will have a new pentecost. then we can walk together children. we can run together children. we won't get weary like eagles. rather than get weary, walk and not faint. let me leave this with you. april 1, 1998 at the palmer house hillton our mother coretta scott king. she said when she calls on the simple rights community to join the struggle, she said you also need to get in the struggle against homophobia.
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that was in 1998. against anti-gay bias. she said homophobias like racism. and anti-semitism and all other form of bigotry. it seeks to dehumanize large group of people denied tear humanity and their dignity and their person hood. i believe that mother coretta scott king saw this day and made a decision years ago a would establish this precedent. without fear,al lou -- hallelujah being ungrouped and retribution and without fear what others might say, i want to say to you, a i'm weary of having to fight these battles separately. i am a black woman. i am a preacher. i am a same gender loving woman. i'm your senior sister.
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we are family unless we go together. god bless you. >> please welcome reentry of fair from the obama administration. give him round of applause. >> i stand in front of the justice department after having been censored for 188 toes and served 13.5 years in federal prison, i stand to you before you today telling you that freedom has not rung in america. as it relates to her returning citizens. freedom has not rung. if the spirit of dr. king notion of america having to forfeit on promissory note. the check has not cleared.
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america has reneged founding principles of liberty. that is freedom and justice for all. meaning all those who have been exclusive majority does not necessarily be afforded a measure of freedom that other individuals who are in exclusive minority have been afforded. there seems to be a notion that the bails of freedom in we lift our voices to sing about can only ring for the privileged few. that justice can only resound for the exclusive minority. however we seem to apply this opportunity to a selective few and not many. freedom seems to ring with
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definite silence for more than 70 million convicted individuals in united states of america. prepared has no sound for -- freedom has no found for degree holder who's resumes are shredded the moment an employer finds out they checked a box here in america. freedom is mute for the black brown and poor defendant who are in our nations courtroom and excessive cash bail for misdemeanor offenses. freedom has laryngitis when it comes to speaking out against the discriminatory housing hiring or social service practices for the returning citizen, freedom has not rung. freedom is muzzled for the mother who tremendous veiled if labor legs shackled to a beg and birth children in incarcerated. freedom has not rung. i'm here to serve notice on the
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justice department. i'm here to serve notice on the trump administration. i'm here to serve notice on behalf of the 70 million convicted persons in the united states of america. on the day of redemption on the day of great reconciliation the great lord will ask each one of us, when you saw my children when you saw the convicted person when you saw returning citizen, when you saw the individual that was so called ex-conker when you saw him in the street and courtroom, what did do you? in the great response have to beer lord i came to him. i visited him. i fed hip. he said so much you have done to least of men, you have also done to me. >> strong word from brother lewis reed. please welcome now jason.
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>> good afternoon. i'm canter jason, i'm here with the national conference of canters. people of faith from every tradition. we stand here united. we speak as one. open the gates. open the gates of righteousness. open the gate of justice. may we be that sacred voice. not just from the government but from all of us. please join me. ♪
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♪ d bss >>onnd gentlemen, the chief executive of the central conference of american rabbis, rabbi steven fox. please welcome him. >> our congregation is unique. mine is a central conference
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american rabbis not bound by the walls one building. everyone where rabbis and ministers and people of faith serve. my congregation is 2000 rabbis who today proudly stand with religious leaders of all faith. standing at the gates at the doors of the department of justice demanding justice morality and equal rights. for us as rab rabbis and faith leader. this is not about politics. this is religion. this is the way we live our religious beliefs. soon on the holiest day of the year we will pray. god of justice we hear your message. justice, justice you shall pursue. god of freedom we hear your charge, proclaim liberty throughout the land.
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let every citizen take responsibility for the right and freedoms we cherish. today people of faith takes the lead. we take responsibility for those right and freedoms we cherish. as religious leaders we decry political leaders who fail to enforce anti-discrimination laws and violates civil and human rights. as religious leaders we call out when political leaders from bigotry and racism as religious heres we march when political leaders target minority groups because they target one group they target all of us. we know these horrible acts can be done by a government. i'm the child of immigrants. refugees from the nazis who enforced white supremacy, hatred and murder. my parents came to those shores for religious freedom. others came to the shores in
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chains without choice. but all of us today joined together for a battle for equality. a battle for equality that says all of us are created in god's image and therefore all of us as god's children have a right to practice a religion, right to education and right to healthcare and right to economic opportunities, right to cast our ballot. the right to live without fear. thus it's our sacred duty to stand in front of the department of justice and demand justice for all the religious freedom promise. we pray. may each of us advocate for justice and liberty. my friends today, i believe our leaders and politicians need a prayer as well. we pray for them. may god give them wisdom and
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moral strength. may god make them the guardians rights for all sake of all people now and forever. amen. >> thank you rabbi. now we're hear from the former muslim abdul malik, welcome him. [speaking foreign language] in the name of god, nothing should be worshiped except the creator of the heavens and earth. we bare witness to all of god's prophets and message. abraham noah, isaac jacob ismael, prophet moses and the messiah jesus.
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there is no god but one. mohammed is his devine prophet. i may never come back again. i got to say something to you. as i was at dr. king memorial, something came to my mind. although, i identify muslim. muslim is a label. i'm a human being. before i knew anything about religion you knew god at birth. but every crucifixion demands a resurrection. when i looked at dr. king's memorial, i asked myself one question. to all the preachers the rab rab byes here. were you there when they wanted to crucify that man. most you of look old enough you could have walked with dr. king.
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you could have stopped wicked forces to make that man's life. were you there? in the pursuit of justice, the most important element to me is one thing and one thing only. what is the price you're willing to pay for what you say you really want? love is best reflected in sacrifice. you want justice, what you will do for it? you want justice, i'm not talking about violence. that would be falling to the trap of the enemy. the blueprint is always nonviolence and collective unify of the people. i want to close one verse. koran says -- [speaking foreign language] we have created you from nation. that you may know one another.
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that the best from the eyes the creator, it is not the black white, rich, the poor, the male or the female the jew or the gentile but the greatest of you in the eye of god is that person that is most righteous. i leave you with one thought. when will we recognize our common humanity? when they divide us, black white, jews, straight, gay they play us against each other and we deprive ourselves of justice until we recognize our common humanity. i'm only muslim speaker here. i'm going to go. god bless you. god is the greatest. >> let's hear for if the imam round of applause. the president of leader network
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chicago and senior pastor of new landmark baptist church. >> good morning everybody. so glad to be here today. i want to start off by reading a scripture. we all right. we're going to bring injustice down. i begin with a scripture from the prophet david in psalm. defend the weak and the fatherless. rescue the weak and the needy deliver them from the hand of the wicked. i'm reminded old african proverb a said, the world was not lent to us by our parents. it was lent to us by our children. we stand here today on the behalf of not only what's going
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on today but we stand here on the behalf of all our children that are back at home who are leading us to stand what is right not only for today but we stand for justice today and tomorrow. as we celebrate the 54th anniversary of reverend dr. martin luther king i have a dream speech. he said something that stands true today. he said it as we stood here on washington, we've come to remind washington and the world and america of the fierce urgency of now. in other words, dr. king was telling the world then and we tell the world now, just like he did, that now is the time for justice. we're in the fierce urgency of now. that now we have to stand up for what is right. we have to stand for what is true. we have to stand for what is just. we must defend the poor.
6:24 pm
defend the fatherless. defend the needy and stand for justice. look here mr. trump, you may choose to stand with those who wear hoods over their heads in the night hour. you may choose to stand with those who march with bigotry and racism, you may choose to stand against those who are bigots against everything that is right and love. we over 3000 strong stand here today to let you know, you may stand with them but we stand on the side of justice. we stand on the side of truth. yes, w.e.d. dubois taught us to stand. malcolm x statute us to stand. sicily tieson do taught us to stand. muhamad ali taught us to stand. rosa parks taught us to stand. now is the time for justice. now is the time for justice.
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let us stand for justice today tomorrow and forever more. the fierce urgency of now. god bless you. >> we're getting few minutes closer to speaker the hour. mlk now -- welcome now from trinity united christian church. from chicago illinois. reverend otis martin iii. >> i stand in reach you today from chicago, illinois from trinity united church of christ. i stand with my son elijah months. the next generation. we stand as father and son today. standing against those who are practice activities of injustice. the question should be shall we redeem and restore this nation
6:26 pm
or will we allow administration to pitcher pimp a butterfly. we must recognize that we must repent. we must repent from america's original sin according to james madison which is racism. we must represent from addiction of confederate ideology. not only must rerei want, we must repent from a war on drugs that hurts black and brown and poor people. we must repent not recognizing there is actually climate change that is happening in this world. we must be willing to repent. not only repent collectively as a nation and but i must say that the black church must also repent. we must repent from a theology that says money coming instead of speaking truth to power.
6:27 pm
misogyny as closed off the pum pit from 50% of voices in america. we repent today. we must recognize and repentasa people and as a nation. we must be willing to rei repent from discrimination lgbtq. if we are to build the community. we're called together as a people to build a democracy that is yet to be not that it has been. we must repent from the kind of rhetoric a says we must take our country back. what do you mean you must take the country back. you must mean the questions first nation people. who stole the country in the first place. we must repent and if we repentasa people, there will come a day when we'll see justice roll down.
6:28 pm
if we dare repentasa nation and people. i leave you this as we were walking together, i was talking to my good friend, he said that when they heard that reverend sharpton we're going to march. momma how far is justice. if i can answer that young man and say justice is not far. if we keep on marching, justice is not far. if we believe in the community justice is not far. if we cob to stand strong justice is not far. we're in the going to allow justice to pimp this butterfly. >> the reverend otis martin. he wants you to know that he's
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from chicago. i din know that mattered that much. we're now have word of song from zoe ministries. let's please welcome zoey ministries. give them round of applause. bishop jordan from zoey ministries. >> everybody say love never fails. live never fails. as we begin to bring this song to you, 30 days to pull it together. out of the spirit of love this song came. we called reverend sharpton. he made it the theme. this is a generation that holds the space of love.
6:30 pm
love trumps hate. love overcomes fear, love abound. everyone say love never fails. love never fails. this song was written by minister david the one who wrote the song "every praise" he's going to come now and the choir. they'll come and sing this love song for you. be blessed. >> just repeat after me. if you have love in your heart, no room for hate, anger or pride, keep looking up, everybody point up, keep looking up.
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to our father above. he wants us to show a little more love. ♪ ♪
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>> zoey ministries give them a round of applause. now the next speaker will introduce our preacher of the hour. the one who called us here.
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our next speaker is fellow millennial like me. but it shows reverend sharpton's commitment to young people. this young brother hails from the west coast from san diego head of the san diego nan chapter. he brought some of that san diego weather with him here. we're so thankful for that. he hit me up on social media. he's all over social media other day. he said i want to come on your radio show. imcome on at 6:00 in the morning. that's 3:00 a.m. san diego time. he said that's fine. i can still handle it. he's a very sharp young brother. he represents the future we're out here for these young sisters and brothers.
6:38 pm
please welcome the president of the san diego chapter of nan who will introduce reverend al sharpton, brother shane harris. >> no justice. >> no peace! what do we want! what do we want! when do we want it! >> now. >> we just marched down the street. this is just the beginning. we have got to realize that a march only amplifies the issue. it does not solve the problem. starting today, we have convened all of our major faith
6:39 pm
leadership to send a message to this administration and sent a message to those who are try to rewind the clock. that you can turn back the clock but you can't turn back time. we aren't going back. today, we have come under the call of a man who's been taking on this administration before it wasn't an administration. starting in new york. with a man who was outside of the elite who wanted to buy his way into elite groups. named donald trump. that same man was the man who took ads out on central park five to say that they were criminals and said they raped
6:40 pm
those women. the history of this man has shown nothing but bigotry and hate and rewinding the country to a place where they ran the country. that's why he ran his campaign on make america great again. some are marching on him now you need toe know there's been one man who's been standing up against this man for a long time. there's a saying that you run people names through the streets while they're here. when they die up to name the street after them. today we come not run the name through the street. this man fought too hard and stood too long. we need to lift his name up on
6:41 pm
the streets. let them know that the long for justice is not over. the long for justice is not done. we've got to come behind him and ensure this fight continues. how many of you are ready for the fight to continue? how many of you are ready to continue the legacy of those who came before us? please help me at this time to introduce the man who is keeping the legacy of dr. martin luther king alive. we must come behind him to ensure. ladies and gentlemen the president and founder of the national action network, never been scared, never been shamed, reverend al sharpton! [applause]
6:42 pm
>> no justice! >> no peace! no justice! >> no peace! >> what do we want! justice! >> what do we want! when do we want it! >> now! >> when do we want it! we come together 54 years ago, where dr. martin luther king spoke. we remember the end of the speech. the climax. the i have a dream part. but dr. king talked a lot about a lot more before we got to the dream. you must remember that he came to washington that day.
6:43 pm
they said that the big six leaders of the civil rights movement had called the march. it was conveneed by phillip randolph who was 72 years home. one of the big six couldn't make the march because he was in jail in louisiana. james farmer. medgar ever vans -- evans have been killed weeks before that. people came that way, black and white, jews and gentiles. came from a segregated south. it's easy to come to washington now. but imagine 54 years ago when only way you could travel was in a back of a bus. you had to put a sandwich in a paper bag because there wasn't a restaurant that would sell you a meal. he came and talked about voting
6:44 pm
rights. he came and talked about economic rights. he came and talked about police brutality and criminal justice. ecame and talked about what was going on with healthcare. 54 years later, we're here. he talked about a governor who's lips were dripping with the words of interposition and nullification. 54 years later, we come at the young white female, was killed by hate in charlottesville. 54 years later we come after votes were suppressed and taken off the books in north carolina and in michigan and in wisconsin. 54 years later we come to uphold the voting rights king stood for to uphold economic rights to uphold the rights of those
6:45 pm
incarcerated wrongly criminal justice and police brutality. we come to stand up not about a governor but a president who's lips are dripping with the words of interposition and nullification. when you try to interpose a morally equiver lency between neo-nazis and white supremacy with freeport freedom fighters. when you try to nullify voting rights in texas and north carolina that's nullification. i'm not instilling high ber -- you would unite us because now look outside of our justice
6:46 pm
department. look outside mr. sessions of your front door. the children of goodman and chaney and the children of rabbi abraham are marching with the children of martin luther king. you woke us up to who we are. you brought us back together and we will never let you turn us back. we can't fight this battle alone. cause the battles was not fought alone that got us here. we may disagree on some local stuff. but we've got to protect each other on the big stuff that frame this country. when they march in charlottesville with torches
6:47 pm
saying jews will not replace us. they're talking about blacks they're talking about muslims women and gays and lesbians. they're talking about transgenders. we are not going to sit by, yes jews may not replace you because we are all going to replace you. we only call a thousand minister ministers. why only a thousand? because we now going to go back around this country and organize church by church and synagogue
6:48 pm
by synagogue to register voters and protect voters. to protect people from economic discrimination because these are leaders that represent real folks. i'm not going to do like you trump and say, look out here we had more folk than at the inauguration. i know new york hype. i come out the same new york you do. i can tell you everybody here represents a lot more than those thugs and those hoodlums that said some of them were fine people. they're not fine people. that would stand up and be anti-semites and racists. i say this and i'm going to be back. i want to bring someone on that will bring this point home for us. we come today, reporter said to
6:49 pm
me, you got a lot of ministers and rabbis out against trump. we're not earmarking against trump. we wrestle not with flesh and blood. we didn't come to call you a name mr. trump. if you waiting to tweet that we called you a name, let your thumbs relax. we wrestle not with flesh and blood. but principality. power of darkness. wickedness in high places. we all believe in a god that will make a way out of no way. we believe in a god that will give us strength and whether it's pharoah or whether it is those that are sitting in the capital of the white house. truth shall rise again.
6:50 pm
we are standing on the promises of our mothers and fathers and we will win. we pray for our lives in texas. we going to organize to work and do something in texas. but we want to protect their rights as we stand with them. i'm honored today that on a day he was on demand all over the world. he said, al i want to be in washington with the faith leaders. because this is where i want to have the day that my father gave the world a dream. i want to bring to you his oldest child that still with us. his son his name sake. who kept that spirit alive he lives and breathes this everyday of his life. as we start today with him the count down, to next april of the
6:51 pm
50th anniversary of the assassination of his father. we want him to know his father didn't die in vain. we will keep that dream alive. they shot the dreamer but didn't shoot the dream. they took away his daddy but they didn't take away his brothers and sisters. we're going to be in memphis with martin. we're never going to let his father's dream drown. his dream is our dream. welcome dr. king. martin luther king iii. [applause] >> let me thank god for bringing us all here safely today and in the spirit of late great dick
6:52 pm
gregory who often said, i hope and pray that i return back to our respective destinations will be equally safe. we owe a great debt of gratitude to reverend sharpton. for a number of reasons. [applause] some of us may have thought this was called because of charlottesville. but you it was many months before charlottesville. that earth sharpton thought it was important for the religious leaders of our nation to come together. so christians and jews and muslims and other leaders faith leaders here today that we already know. go back to their respective communities.
6:53 pm
mobilizing and organize because we have a big election coming up. we have elections every year but a big one next year. we're here today because we're compelled by moral obligation. that obligation is prophetic. calls upon justice to roll down like waters and righteousness like a stream. we're here because citizens are losing confidence, trust and hope in our democracy and our economy and more precisely in the institutions that negotiates and oversee their life choices for liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness. as we turn the final corner toward a decade since the great recession of 2008, the wealthy has done extraordinarily well while millions wait for
6:54 pm
recovery. we're here today because too many of citizens on the left and right, far too many citizens, american dream is a nightmare. these millions of marginalized citizens of race and religions and ethnic backgrounds are demanding their voices be heard. their face is seen and their needs met. like many of their father and mothers before them, they refuse to believe a the liberty and prosperity are empty. they still believe in the constitution commissary note. this is a moral march. it is a march for american values and my father's word, it's a march for a revolution of
6:55 pm
values. revolution of values a honor the dignity and work of every citizen and all of god's children. 54 years ago my father religious civic labor here already leaders marched for jobs and justice. they marched because they understood that the preamble of our institution says certain truths that are self-evident. our constitution declares it is self-evident that all men and women are created equal. that among those rights are the rights to life, the right to liberty and right to pursuit of one's own happiness. if these rights are to become real in our lives then justice must prevail. this justice is equal sharing of
6:56 pm
benefits and burden. lean heavily in few who holds advantages while the many are wayweighed down. martin luther king jr. called for a revolution of the scales of justice. he look over the landscape of our collective lives and saw the great divide between poverty and wealth and declared that is not just. he saw thousands of working people displaced from their jobs with reduced income as a result of automation while the profit of the employers remain in tact. that not just. he beheld capitalist of the west investing huge sums of money in asia africa and south americ only to take profits out with no
6:57 pm
concern for the social betterment of those countries. said that is not justice. we witnessed the western arrogance of feeling it ha everything to teach others and nothing to learn from them. and cried, that is not just. he guyed in horror the ways we strong arm our will and others. that not just. he declared injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. i can't be what i ought to be until you are what you ought to be. all humanity is caught in the network of mutuality. for whatever effects one directly affects all indirectly. thus, we're all responsible to ensure that we live on a fair
6:58 pm
and just and peaceful society. what does justice look like? justice is hang representation with taxation. thus washington d.c., should have statehood. justice is having unabridged voting right. seeking every possibility to enable people to vote. rather than take every opportunity to deny citizens that franchise right. justice is having equal pay for equal work. thus lift up women and people of color to enjoy the same level of income and wealth as their male and white counterparts. justice is blind. when the court spoken true
6:59 pm
justice that the rule of law stands above all and that every woman and man from the president is a subject to its rule. if there was a time to stand up for justice, that time is now. now is the time for every woman and woman to stand up for righteousness, stand up for fairness peace, stand up and say, urgently, now we declare a time to stand against injustice of every time. the moral injustice of criminal injustice system. creates poverty in the land of plenty the racial injustice, the privileges whites over people of color, the cultural injustice, favors one ethnic group over others. the political injustices the voter suppression, social injustice of inadequate
7:00 pm
education. economic injustice of unemployment and underemployment and unequal pay. martin luther king jr. declared only a revolution of values can provide the principle and create the conditions for -- it is a moral march for righteousness. it is a moral march for peace. it is a moral march for justice. some may say as my dad said over 60 years ago, how long is it going to be? i don't know exactly how long, but what i do know is, the moral arc of the universe is long, and
7:01 pm
tends toward justice. no-fly can live forever. how long? not long because the earth will rise again. how long? not long, because william, and bright was right. -- william colin bryant was right. how long? not long. you reap what you so. because god almighty is still on the throne. god bless you. [applause] >> martin luther king the third. [applause] rev. sharpton: 54 years ago, young students were at the march
7:02 pm
. some had been freedom writers. -- freedom rudeiders. just like there are millennials today, that do different things, there were young people that stood and breathed in dr. king then. and they stood for nonviolence then. and they believed in the dream and cap leading. and they had children. and they produced a generation that would follow them, in that tradition. when i was 13 years old, i was honored to be made youth director of dr. king's economic organizations chapter in new york.
7:03 pm
-- economic organization's chapter in new york. i want a 13-year-old today to bring on reverend jackson. [applause] elijah cole. >> no justice? i can't hear you. i said,? no justice. what do we want? what do we want? what do we want? when do we want it? when do we want to? it is a pleasure to be here today. my name is a lifecycle brown. i am so proud reverend out has given me the opportunity to continue to carry the torch, for justice. to continue to carry the torch for freedom. to continue to carry the torch for equality. [applause] and i am here today, just as
7:04 pm
reverend al has allowed me the opportunity, and has paved the way for me to the stage today i'm going to pave the way for someone special, here today. someone who has been in the grassroots civil rights movement. someone who has been there since the beginning. someone who has marched for all of his life. i am 13 years old. and reverend out said -- reverend ou al said he had the opportunity to be mentor to buy this wonderful person. i had the opportunity to be mentor to buy reverend al. now, without further a do, without further do, i want to bring up the reverend, the
7:05 pm
reverend, the reverend jesse jackson. [applause] rev. jackson: i am somebody. i am somebody. i'm somebody. protect me. protect me. this land. is our land. this land. is our land. this land is made for you and me. fight on. give up. never surrender. people a lot. keep hope alive. reverend al sharpton, profit. they began for a reverend al sharpton.
7:06 pm
-- 80a big hand for reverend al sharpton. [applause] i arrived as a student, fresh out of jail in greensboro north carolina. i gathered with thousands to make a plea for our nation to and legal jim crowe laws under which thousands of blacks were lynched without a single indictment. i marched and i was paralyzed with fear. doc was under military cap patient that day, because of unfounded fears about the march. i saw a military presence at train stations, bus stations airports. all bc was fully mobilized that they. -- all d.c. was fully mobilized that day.
7:07 pm
there was a broad-based coalition of organizations the pooled their efforts into one gigantic movement. makemaker everts had been killed -- medgar evers had been killed. we could not buy ice cream in the front of howard johnson's. we did not have the right to use the toilet in a public square. we could not rent a room at the holiday inn. we came in cars, stopping by churches for food and shelter. -- in virginia.
7:08 pm
there was a lot that we didn't have but one thing that we did have was a surplus of courage and we were awake. we had john f. kennedy is our president. he was on the more perfect union side of history. robert kennedy was attorney general. he declared segregation to be illegal and immoral. today we have president trump in contrast to kennedy, who has shown in difference to our rights and hostility to movements of justice. attorney general sessions has pushed the radical, transgender revelation to the back. today we much for humane priorities -- we march for humane priorities. sessions wants to shift the focus from voter suppression to
7:09 pm
voter fraud, which is a fraud. and the deportation of 25,000 africans, who have received letters to go back to ginny, to go back to liberia, because the ebola crisis is over. haitians are being sent letters to go back to haiti. 225,000 dreamers. he wants to shift the lease oversight -- shift paul lease oversight. so many americans today are living paycheck to paycheck. 51 thousands are making $31,000 or less. he pardoned joe sheriff in arizona. they are privatizing schools and jails. we need and deserve a better government. the administration has cut back on the flight infrastructure, a budget project advanced by mr. obama. he is locking mexicans and
7:10 pm
central americans out, and weakening the infrastructure in houston. in this fight to make a more perfect union, we see where our power lies. our power lies in suffering sacrifice and protest. we fight fire with water. we fight ignorance with love and intelligence. we fight for specific goals, this year, elections in virginia and in new jersey. evidence of our work today is going back to virginia, for a bus to her next week for voter registration. we are going back to new jersey for a batter that last for a massive of voter turnout effort. we fight for morals in chicago which will have automatic voter registration at the age of 18. we fight fraud o-matic voter registration -- fight for
7:11 pm
automatic voter registration. that he represents slavery, and sedition and segregation. that flag must come down. the elect coral college must come down -- the electoral college must come down. we want a one person, one vote we want a president to will not embarrass us. congress must stand for new humane priorities. when the civil war was over, those who voted for secession would not vote for the 13th amendment to free slaves. those who were embarrassed by selma, it is not enough to reject thompson tweets --
7:12 pm
trump's tweets. you have to reject trump's point of view. the blood of heather heyer like the blood of medgar evers shows the power of nonviolence. the innocence blood of one woman shook the white house, made business leaders jump off the boards, shook the congress and speaking around the world, there is power in the blood. there is power when metzger evers died, we marched. when the bloodstained babies in birmingham died, it wakes us up and shakes us. say ather heye hor a sfeng deti aai re m h ad er hou oiden, become one nation,
7:13 pm
one flag, a nation of many languages and one messages. give me your tired, your poor, your messes. trump says you need to speak the language of english, and have a job skill. jesus was not qualified to come into trump's country any would not qualified to get into jesus' kingdom. we learned -- and a want to thank reverend -- i want to thank reverend sharpton for reaching out beyond the limits of his organization. and pray. and see my face.
7:14 pm
turn from your wicked ways, then god will hear our prayer. god will heal our land. it is healing time. it is hoped time. it is hope time, back to new jersey, back to virginia. let's fight back. we have never lost a battle we fought. we have never won a battle unless we fought. the loss is deep but deepwater does not drown you. you drown when you stop taking. don't stop taking. don't stop marching. keep voting. keep hope alive. keep up alive. [applause] >>rev. sharpton: the reverend jesse jackson.
7:15 pm
we have one more speaker the reverend franklin richardson. i want to thank all of those, who have worked. david carter, thank you so much. bishop jackson from impact network, thank you. reverend johnny green and the impact organization, thank you. my pastor, reverend adolphus reverend lacy and all of o pastors, thank you. i want a young man who made this happen, to bring on our next speaker. we need a scholar to tell us what this is all about. i'm bringing on a reverend to bring on our closing scholar, as we head back to the trenches. we are going to contact every church, every synagogue. this is not a moment. this is a movement. >> we are certainly thankful to
7:16 pm
everyone for your presence. can you give yourselves a round of applause? there are others who are listening, they are at work but you are here. you are present for this moment, for this movement. [applause] i'm definitely honored to work with reverend al sharpton. when i started working with the national action network, i was 6'1", but now i am a little bit shorter. i'm a doctoral student right now, i am writing a dissertation. what inspired me to write faster is reading about my next speaker. when he was a student at princeton, he had written a book before he earned his dissertation but wanted dr. on it, so he went in to present when his argument was for his
7:17 pm
dissertation, when he reached under his seat and pulled out his finished dissertation. this is a brother who has a way with words. this is a scholar. this is one that when he says he is going to make it rhyme and inspire, what you reverend -- will you welcome dr. michael -- dr. michael aaron night. >> what anon are it is, to be here today. -- what an honor it is, to be here today with all of you and with the great reverend al sharpton, the moral leader of this nation, the distinguished civil rights leader, the incredible preacher, the remarkable instigator, and the powerful profit of our time. let's give him love in here today.
7:18 pm
and his mentor, the reverend jesse jackson, one of the great prophets that god has given to us as well. you have heard the words of so many prophets and inspired poets, today, i simply want to say, as a minister of the gospel that god is one. we have divided up down here on earth. god is one where the worship allah, whether you read the holy coal run -- the holy car koran the hebrew bible, the art of motorcycle maintenance, 444. whatever your text is, god is god. and this country claims to be in the image of god, but it is not in the image of god it is in the depraved image of a vernment that refuses to
7:19 pm
acknowlee the humanity of all of god'ch. do,e e tion ose greed is, the pluralism and e pluribus unum, out of many comes one. whatever your skin color is, whatever your religion is whatever your race is, you are a child of god and we must emphasize that for everybody in this place today. [applause] the reason we are here is to remind this nation, that god is still on the throne, that no matter how much power you think you got you and god. -- you payou ain't god. what we have now is, one guy in
7:20 pm
office hated the guy office before him. you're just mad a negro was in charge. the troubling reality is mirrored in the fact that he just hates the fact that a black man was in charge, smarter than you. you, against immigrants coming to america who can't speak english. what is your excuse? 25 words in your vocabulary, that is not vaguely bigly enough. if the man who came before you just had a black russian drink they would have put him out of office. and here we are come on the precipice of treachery. my brothers and sisters, we don't have to name no names. you know what it is. i was thinking about black folks who play cards they like to
7:21 pm
have trump cards. i like to play with words and i like to play with names. it has no bearing on reality. prompt. if you take the t away, you get prompt. and we see his unimaginable depravity every morning, in a tweet. you got up, but you ain't been no fair umpire. you ain't been involved in justice, there is no equivalency between neo-nazis and antifa. between racists and white supremacists, and those who would march against them. take that away, and you have mps acting like the military police. you want to give military grade weaponry back to the police. the man before you took them away. why do you need to use them against citizens in america? the police should be standing
7:22 pm
with us, not against us as a militarized force. [applause] prevaricator. you are just a big old liar. you are just timid, and got no courage. and i think it might be pimping going on. in thing america's white working class, making them leave you or their friend. you are no friend to poor people. i am almost done, when i go to the airport and get on the people mover. it says, if you want to stand still, go to the right, and if you want to move, go to the left. i am telling you today, if you want to stand still, go to the right wing, go to bigotry and hate, go to the nest is that you see. if you want to lift yourself up
7:23 pm
moved further to the left. embrace those whose facts are against the law. and i will end by telling you this, i am a preacher, in the gospel tradition. my bible tells me that on the last day, the last trump will sound. i am waiting on the real trump, when that trump sounds, justice will prevail. love will prevail. and the god almighty will raise up. that is the trump i am waiting on. >> michael, thank you. i went to call chairman richardson, and our cochairman, all of them, to the stage that has made today. martin luther king the third.
7:24 pm
reverend nelson rivers worked so hard. reverend todd geary, reverend jeff johnson. i want you all up to the stage, to come forward. reverend hatch. in the days when i was a kid the used to lock arms, and they would sing "we shall overcome." when i was a teenager, we said, we don't want to sing that, that is old school. but when i went to jail for 90 days, for facing baby bombers, i began understanding how much that song meant. because those people faced death. those people did not know they
7:25 pm
were coming back home, that night. so, they needed something that would energize and fortify their spirits. that ain't no old song, that's a song of rejuvenation, every commitment of connection -- of recommitment, of connection. and they held on because they knew they might never hold hands again. i want us in honor of them, 54 years later standing in the shadow of jefferson sessions from selma alabama to lock arms and a locked hands and let us sing, "we shall overcome." "singin[singing]'s
7:26 pm
["we shall overcome"]
7:27 pm
rev. sharpton: let me say, as we head back to our buses and transportation, i want to thank our organizers. [applause] let us follow this up.
7:28 pm
we shall overcome. thank you, and god bless you. [applause]
7:29 pm
7:30 pm
>> navy army government class you are going to take. he will be a voter forever. sound you -- announcer: tonight at 8:00 eastern, high school teachers william kamps and sunshine cavalluzzi discuss how current events affect their lesson on history, politics, and government. >> this is a chance for them to learn a little bit about their story. the story doesn't begin when they are born. the story begins with people who have come before them who shape the way, the world around them
7:31 pm
operates. is they start to realize that it doesn't start with me but what i contribute, where i'm coming from, its all part of a bigger story. that way, allowing them to take in other people's opinions and perspectives through social media and video, it gives them a chance to really think, ok, this is how i see the world, but why? how can i expand that a little bit by taking in other people's perspectives? announcer: tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span and listen using the free c-span radio app,. . announcer: washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. wednesday morning, university of south carolina's robert hardwick talks about the current fiscal demands on the national flood insurance program. then any snyder, energy reporter for politico, talks about her report on the shortcomings by
7:32 pm
the federal government when it comes to disaster relief and preparedness. watch "washington journal," beginning at 7:00 a.m. eastern wednesday morning. join the discussion. announcer: sunday night on key land a, we take a look at anthony clark's book, "the last campaign: trump presidency rewrite history, run for prosperity and -- posterity, and rewrite their legacies." >> every single president has learned two things, how angry people they are telling learn, and how flabbergasted there. i haven't received a mild, i read it and it was ok. i think they are angry that people have these presidential libraries to house records and for the recent one, the records will not be open for 100 years. instead, we are paying for celebration and legacy building. announcer: sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q and a.


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